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Jing-Song Huang, Lectures on Representation Theory, World Scientific, 1999.

  • セミナーをした上での注意点
  • p30, Example (1) line 4. $x=\frac1b x$ should be $x=\frac1b u$.
  • p32, line 8. Several statement containing the phrase like``can be shown'' is not so easy to be proved by a reader. (S)He may need to refer a textbook as is mentioned before Theorem in page 31.
  • p33, line 5, `indepedent' should be independent.
  • p33, line 8. Add a comma after `simple roots', even if it is not necessary.
  • p34, Lemma. killing should be Killing.
  • p35, line -12. Add `$\}$' at the end of the line.
  • p36, line 9. `angels' sounds cute, but is `angles.'
  • p36, (4.4b), upper-left $\alpha_2$ will be $-\alpha_2$.
  • p41, line 13. $(i_1-th,\dots, i_k-th)$ will be $(i_1$-th,$\dots, i_k$-th).
  • p48, line -4. Remove `two-sided'.

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