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This is an instruction for beginner on Ito campus to come to Ito campus(overview


  • Take a metro with the destination either Chikuzen Maebaru, Karatsu, NIshi-karatu, or Chikuzen Fukae.
  • Don't take a metro with the destination either Fukuoka Kuko (Airport), Kaizuka, Nishijin,or Meinohama.

JR Kyudai Gakkentoshi station

  • Use the north exit of the station. Note that the direction of the train is west.

Bus from JR station

  • Don't take a bus with the destination: Nishinoura. However, the frequency of this bus is so rare. Almost all the buses go to Kyudai Ito Campus.

Bus stop

  • Get off at Rigakubu-mae (Science dept).
  • The order of the bus stop in the campus is Big Orange, Science, Engineering.
  • Building W1 is No. 25 of the map
  • Math and IMI is sections C and D, with 5,6,7th floors of the building W1.
  • Campus map is available near the bus stop.
  • One of the elevator is located at the entrance of section D.
  • Entrance of section D is 2nd floor. Auditorium is at 4th floor in section D. You may use stairs if you don't mind.


  • Cafeteria (set menu in Japanese style, noodle, etc.), Lawson, etc are close to W1 building.

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